Ribbon Cutting | Sanctuary Salon & Boutique

Sanctuary Salon, located at 119 West State Street, O’Fallon, was opened in 2012 by Andrea Donze and her family, with the intent to offer the Downtown District an eco-conscious salon, selling natural, ethically sourced brands for hair and skin. The salon opened with 7 stylists and a full-service spa, which immediately got traction. During COVID the salon lost most stylists as well as their massage therapist and eventually the esthetician. They were operating with only 3 stylists, yet managed to keep the doors open during the pandemic. 

Andrea decided in 2022 to take over ownership of the business.  There was a renewed demand for clothing and accessory shops in downtown O’Fallon now that people were out enjoying shopping and going to street events and festivals in the downtown district again. This fueled Andrea’s desire to open the Boutique, with her love for fashion being her biggest inspiration.

In 2023, Sanctuary rebranded with a new logo and signage under the name Sanctuary Salon and Boutique and has been making great strides! Since 2022, the business has added 2 more full-time stylists, a part-time Makeup Artist, a full-time Esthetician and is back to offering spa services. Sanctuary is still a great source of hair and skin products that are eco-conscious and naturally derived, but now it also offers clothing, purses and accessory options in the new boutique

“We would not be here without the constant support of the people of O’Fallon and our loyal customers. We will continue to be eco-conscious, recycle our used goods and work with ethically sourced brands, to give the city of O’Fallon the best possible service we can offer.

This year and next you will notice some changes to the outside of the building as well as the inside aesthetic as we continue to grow as a female owned and operated business in the heart of the O’Fallon Downtown District.