Member Luncheon | July 8, 2020

Our Virtual Member Luncheon on July 8, 2020 featured speaker Dr. Terrence D. Duncan who provided an examination of Diversity and Inclusion and how local businesses could benefit increasing their programs.

Dr. Terrence D. Duncan holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Walden University. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Health Care Management. Dr. Duncan’s contributions have been featured in blogs and newspapers. Academically, he published in numerous scholarly journals, books, and presented in respected academic conferences as a panelist. Professionally, Dr. Duncan has experience leading teams, providing strategic management guidance, human resource management consulting, and a corporate risk manager. He now teaches MBA and MHA courses, as well as serving as a dissertation chair for five students under the Doctor of Business Administration program. He has published two books on leadership and personal development, and currently working on a third on focusing on addressing African-American socio-economic conditions with an emphasis of economic and policy related recommendations. Dr. Duncan currently serves on two boards, one as President, and provides consulting services to small businesses and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs in disenfranchised communities. He is married with two kids, ages 19 and 13, and is currently a member of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce

Recognizing categorical and unconscious bias as obstacles to D&I initiatives. Economic benefits of D&I Training. Recommendations for companies to consider in implement D&I programs.

You can view the PDF presentation and video below

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