The Marketing Guide outlines sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. It provides you with ideas on how to market your business, gain exposure at Chamber events and how to target businesses. We will advertise details on each event as we get close to those events throughout the year.  Please use your Marketing Guide as you plan your annual budget.  Please call us at 618-632-3377 if you have specific questions.

 Weekly Ways to Get Your Name Out

Weekly E-news comes to you each Wednesday via e-mail with information on upcoming events and is then posted to our website and social media.  The deadline for submitting your information for this publication is the preceding Tuesday. Submission is free and for members only.

Monthly Ways to Get your Name Out

Chamber Tracks is our monthly newsletter and comes out the first week of each month. The deadline for submitting your information for this publication is the 25th of the month preceding publication. The newsletter is posted to our website and social media. An email goes out to all members advising them that the newsletter is available for viewing on our website.

  • Member News is a great place to update other members on what is happening in your business such as training completed by you or an employee, awards received, merchandise added to your line, new services you are offering, etc. Free with membership.
  • Monthly Newsletter Sponsor (one monthly) (Front Cover-full page, Portrait) $100
  • Inside Ads (Full Page Insert-ad/flier, Portrait) $50
  • 1/2 Page (ad/flier) (8 x 5.25, half of top/bottom page) $35
  • 1/4 Page (ad/flier) (5.25 x 4) $25

Getting Your Name Out Throughout the Year (see Marketing Guide)

8th Grade Career Fair Sponsor

Salute to Business Awards Sponsor

Business Expo – held in conjunction with Salute to Scott picnic.

Salute to Scott Picnic Sponsor

Golf Tournament Sponsor

Holiday Party Sponsor

Website Advertising

Discounts  – offer discounts to the general public or exclusively to other chamber members.