8 Entrepreneurs Share Their New Year’s Resolution

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions related to their personal goals. While it’s great to aim to be healthier or spend more time with your family, you should also make resolutions in your professional life.

There is room for improvement in every business, and the New Year is a great time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve identified what could use some work, create a resolution and make a conscious effort to achieve it.

Need some New Year’s resolution inspiration? Business News Daily asked eight entrepreneurs to share their resolutions for 2018.

1. Improve work-life balance.

“I want … everyone at our company to work hard and efficiently while at the office, so they can have plenty of free time outside of their job. The objective is to create windows of time where people can perform un-interrupted work.” – Yves Frinault, CEO of Fieldwire

2. Invest in your education.

“My New Year’s resolution is to invest in my education as a leader and business owner. Investing in your personal education is one of the best ways [to] … improve [your] company. In 2018 I would like to expand my knowledge in a business area I am less confident in either by reading books or taking an online class. This will allow me to be a better manager and know what skills to look for in the people we hire.” – Serena Holmes, president and CEO of Tigris Events

3. Focus on what’s important.

“My business resolution this year is [based on an] old Stephen Covey quote: ‘The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.’ I have some pretty audacious goals for this business and what it can do and how many women it can help, but the larger my platform gets the more attention comes our way…Giving women the tools to change their life for the better. That’s our main thing. This year we’re going to have tunnel vision, even if it comes at the loss of revenue.” – Rachel Hollis, CEO of Chic Media

4. Be authentic.

“Be fearlessly authentic. People are magnetically attracted to others (and to companies!) who are unabashedly themselves and truly walk their values. Within my business and on a personal level, I want to strive to do this every day.” – Molly Fienning, co-founder of Babiators

5. Find time for your passions.

“Don’t forget to make time for you! It’s easy to fill your day accomplishing your to-do list. Make explicit time to engage your passions – art, travel, sports, friends, family – to create inspiration and perhaps generate a valuable insight.” – Steven Aldrich, chief product officer at GoDaddy

6. Engage on social media.

“Our New Year’s Resolution is to engage our audience more on social media. We have a great social presence, but we’ve ultimately decided we want social to be more integral to our marketing strategy. We want our customers to feel engaged on our social pages, as well as see them as a place where they can stay informed on our different sleep brands. Rather than them being a place for sterile updates and announcements, in 2018, I want our social media to be a social hub for shoppers.” – Harrison Doan, director of analytics of Saatva

7. Automate more business processes

“My New Year’s resolution is to automate more of my business. Currently a significant portion of my time is taken up with repetitive tasks such as answering customer questions. To address this specific problem, we plan to make YouTube videos that answer the most frequently asked questions we receive. The ultimate goal is to implement processes and solutions that can free up more of my schedule so I have time to work on scaling and growing our business, not just maintaining.” – Earl Choate, CEO of Concrete Camouflage

8. Say “no” more often

“It doesn’t contribute to your balance rhythm when you say yes to things that don’t serve you. When everything in you tells you to say ‘no,’ you can’t do it. ‘No’ is a complete sentence and you don’t have to justify your action when you are working toward achieving a more balanced lifestyle.” –Miara “Maven” Shaw, CEO of Miarashaw.com